During a recent investigation survey to look at movement in various commercial units, our Surveyor noted another problem which can affect many buildings; carbonation.

As reinforced concrete ages, the process of carbonation occurs and involves the concrete absorbing carbon dioxide which reacts with moisture so the concrete becomes more acidic. The acidity in the concrete attacks the metal reinforcement causing it to corrode. As the reinforcement bars corrode, rust forms and expands within the concrete causing it to crack and chunks to fall off the exterior. Ultimately, the reinforcement will completely corrode comprising the structural integrity of the building.

The first photograph (above) shows several reinforced concrete lintels which are suffering from carbonation. The image illustrates the pattern of cracking which typically shows that carbonation is occurring.

The second photograph (below) shows a concrete lintel which has spalled and blown and now the reinforcement is completely exposed to the elements which will further accelerate its deterioration. The lintels shown in the photographs require replacement.

If you have any reinforced concrete on your property which is showing signs of cracks, please contact one of our Charted Building Surveyors who would be delighted to offer their assistance.

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