Why you should get a survey


So you have found a property that you and your family like, which is well positioned for schools and other local amenities, is close enough (or far enough away) from the family and you have negotiated a deal? Excellent! Your next step should be to have a survey of the property…..but why?

A Building Survey is a detailed inspection by a qualified Surveyor (normally a chartered member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). The inspection will provide you with a detailed report covering building style and age, Listed status if relevant, access information and will highlight any issues you will need to investigate further. Alongside assessing the state of the property at the time of survey, the report can also cover any potentially costly repairs or maintenance work that need to be carried out in the coming years, including a suggested budget. In short, getting a survey can save you a lot of time, money and heartbreak should something be wrong.

A survey will outline any structural issues, repairs and alterations that will need to be made. These will range from minor upkeep to major issues which may affect the future value of the property. Some of these are just the usual wear and tear expected when owning a house but something such as a poorly altered load-bearing wall may need for further investigation and you may have to renegotiate or think again.

If you are buying a more modern straightforward property our Major Defects Report might be sufficient (our version of the RICS Level 2: Homebuyer Report.) This will give a brief description of the property, outline any defects of a serious nature, and provide additional advice on repairs and maintenance along with an overall opinion on the property’s condition. This report with provide you with peace of mind and expert advice.

If the property you are buying is complex, historic or Listed then we strongly recommend a Full Building Survey (RICS Level 3). Our experienced Surveyors will assess the condition of your property, advise on unique design attributes and help you navigate the complex Listed Building system as you may need Consent for any repairs and alterations which you might want to make once you take ownership. A Full Building Survey will provide you with ongoing maintenance advice and is the most considered report that we offer. Each of our Building Surveys are bespoke, written for each individual property and client and we will highlight areas for further investigation along with future considerations.

A survey is optional but highly recommended. Given that buying a property costs hundreds of thousands of pounds and unexpected repairs on top of this can quickly use up the budget you have set aside for improvements or decoration, the cost of a survey is a small price to pay and could save you tens of thousands in the long run. Buying a property is one of the most expensive purchases you are likely to ever make so being properly informed about what the purchase entails is paramount.

If you would like to know more about the types of survey we offer, have a look at our website, call us on 01285 650686 or email us at admin@jamesslater.co.uk

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