Yearly maintenance for your house


Autumn is here and before the nights draw in and all the leaves fall there are several seasonal maintenance jobs to do around your property.

Check Roof:

An annual roof inspection can help you spot any issues early and save you money on expensive and extensive repairs. Slipped or cracked tiles can lead to damp and leaks, flat roofs can sag if water builds up resulting in broken boards or any leakages can cause damp patches inside.

Clean Gutters:

Over the year leaves, moss and debris can build up in your gutters causing blockages and leaks which can damage your property. Now is the perfect time to check these are clean and clear, if you are comfortable on a ladder you can clear these yourself or get a professional in for upper floors.

Clean Drains:

Leaf buildup can cause drains to become blocked with debris increasing risk of flooding, now is a great time to make sure all your drains are cleared and flowing properly to prevent potential damage

Get your chimney swept:

Everyone loves a log fire during the cold winter months, but chimneys can become blocked with soot, birds’ nests and debris preventing proper circulation of air and removal of combustion gasses.

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